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Hi I’m Miss McKendrick and I am so excited to teach 4th Grade this year! I believe that every child can learn. I teach a variety of lessons to help students reach their highest potential. Every child is different, and to adjust to these differences, I mix it up with visual, movement, artistic, and auditory lessons.  We will have exciting lessons this year that get us moving, thinking and learning all at once!  I love teaching your children and find it very rewarding! It truly is the best job ever! Our theme this year is “Rock” Stars, because we will learn a lot about the rock cycle in science, and because you all are incredible Rock Stars in learning and in being a good friend!!

Throughout the year we will continue to build our character and work on social goals. The more we build our respect for each other and become friends, the more memorable this year will be.  I’m excited to work hard to reach our academic and character building goals. We can do anything with a foundation of hard work and respect for one another.

I love having parent volunteers help in my classroom.  I will have sign-ups for classroom volunteers, at-home volunteers, as well as help with holidays and parties.  Please sign up for these during the open house or within the first week of school.

Please feel free to email me anytime. I love comments, questions, and feedback, because communication helps us all stay happy and informed.  (See About Class Tab for more..)

Contact: megann.mckendrick@nebo.edu

4th grade rocks!

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