Yo-Yo’s & Igneous Rocks

It was fun learning how to do tricks on our yo-yo’s and watch each other. Igneous rocks come from magma and lava, and so we tested out different rocks to see if we thought they were igneous. We built our very own volcanoes that we will finish this week!

IMG_7808 IMG_7807 IMG_7806 IMG_7805 IMG_7804 IMG_7813 IMG_7812 IMG_7811 IMG_7810 IMG_7809 IMG_7827 IMG_7823 IMG_7822 IMG_7817 IMG_7814 IMG_7812 IMG_7833 IMG_7832 IMG_7831 IMG_7830 IMG_7829 IMG_7828 IMG_7827 IMG_7834 IMG_7833 IMG_7832 IMG_7831 IMG_7840 IMG_7838 IMG_7837 IMG_7839 IMG_7836 IMG_7835 IMG_7847 IMG_7846 IMG_7845 IMG_7844 IMG_7843

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